Merry Christmas!

I just got back from Christmas with my family. I spent most of the time eating and puttering around, but I did also get to go for a couple of quad rides again. Here’s after pushing through from Trout Lake to Little Pickrel Lake (and the dog “Ruger” that followed me in my travels):

Little Pickrel

…and here’s after breaking trail along a power line from the Pickrel Lake road. You can see the main section of Trout Lake in the distance, and Blueberry Island and Trappers Bay in the foreground. It’s hard to tell, but for me to go about 50 feet further forward on the quad would take me about 100 feet down a steep rock face. This is as far as I could get:

Power Line

I broke a lot of trail in the hills behind my grandparents camp. Low gearing and a slow pace allows you to go almost anywhere (but you can still get into some tight spaces): 🙂

Almost Stuck