Don’t Steer Me Wrong…

Last November my largest toy had an altercation with a cement post: leaving the front wheels pointed in noticeably different directions. There was also some “minor” body damage:

The front steering crossbar also finally snapped off. It kept bending, and I kept bending it back, you can only do that so many times:

The upgraded bar was pricey for what you got, but I was hoping it would never bend or break again. Here’s the new thicker machined bar on top (with bearings), vs. the thinner stamped (broken) bar on the bottom with the bushings:

Here’s a better comparison picture. Hopefully the extra material (and the fact it wasn’t intentionally bent during construction) will make it tougher:

All mounted up!

Finally it can be driven in a straight line again. I also repaired the bodywork with shoe-goo and drywall tape, and have sprayed the mesh with black paint since this picture was taken. Now 10% less ghetto!

Perfect timing, as the ARCS drag racing season is starting back up again!

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