Burn Baby Burn…

I have two Pioneer 109 DVD burners (one white, one black) bought 3 months apart. Identical firmware. After making coasters of about 20 Memorex DL media the last couple months I finally clue in that the white one works 100% of the time for the Memorex media, the black one fails to verify the second layer 95% of the time.

??? They’re supposed to be identical burners.

All other media I’ve used, any brand, burned at any speed, work fine for both. I switched which burner I used as primary when I did some hardware upgrades, and never figured out that’s when the problem started.

So, I’ve tossed about $40 of good media in the trash the last few weeks, just because I didn’t look at the problem sooner. Bah!

One thought on “Burn Baby Burn…

  1. I had a similar problem; Turns out my MD5SUMS verify the data, despite K3B failing with an error message. Might be worth checking by hand to verify some strange behaviour. My drive is a beige 110.

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