Wall to wall carpet…

I’ve been trying to go to Universal Raceway on the weekends: this is what indoor offroad carpet racing looks like (or at least the practice sessions: real races show good driving 🙂 )

That’s timed practice: split into 1/8th-scale buggies, 1/10 buggies, short-course and assorted,…. and finally 15-minute free-for-all sessions. If you watch the back wall as the cars go over the long set of triple jumps you’ll see where a projector shows a pie-chart flashing who should currently be on the track (look around 1:25-1:27 in the video). During races that projector runs the lap timing system.

I broke about $30 in parts there last weekend. Go too fast around a 90-degre corner? Hit a concrete wall. Land wrong from a jump? Slam in to a concrete floor. The cars are durable… but still… little plastic pieces can only take so much.

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