Skin deep…

Last fall I bought a new clear Lexan body for my Shredder from ARCS, but it was already getting cool outside so I didn’t paint it right away – figuring it could wait until spring.

Well, spring is here! After deciding on a simple paint scheme and ordering the paint I had to scrub the body well on the inside so the tape would stick properly (to mask off the panel colours)



You use masking tape to hide the sections where you’ll spray the lightest colours first, then mask off the darker and darker panels (and in the end you’re usually left with only the parts you want black exposed). Here I’m masking off the rear top panel which will be silver:



Next I hide the front of the body which will end up yellow:



Finally I mask off the rear panels that will be red… leaving me with an exposed triangle on each side (which I have already sprayed black):



The I pull off the rear mask and paint the red:



Exposing the front…



…to paint it yellow. Now only the first top panel is covered with tape.



Finally paint the silver section, which was the first part I masked:



Next I pulled off the overspray film, took a first-pass at trimming the wheel wells, and punched the body-mount holes. Then I applied the Redcat decals that came with the body and mounted it on the Shredder with my extra Losi tires:



Here’s the back: thank you Amazing RC Store!



Finally I put my 2wd buggy in the picture for scale: the Shredder is huge compared to my other cars!



I’ll have to trim the body a bit more before I can drive it with those tires, but that’s a task for another day.

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