Followed me home…

This week I had broken my big green RC car (RC8) and was waiting for parts.... but I still had RC on my mind. Friday after work I was scrolling through some local forums and came across a great deal on a Traxxas Stampede VXL 2wd: one of the vehicles that was on my shortlist when I wanted to get back into the hobby. Yes... I already had one car... but it was a bit more for racing and less for "bashing"... and the price was right (the seller had recently sweetened the deal by adding all the electronics, making it Ready-To-Run)... and it was a 30min drive away... and it can never hurt to have an extra vehicle for when you plow the first one into a fence πŸ™‚ So I picked it up Saturday morning:
It needed a little love: some new body mounts, front springs, and to put the off-road tires back on (it came on street foam tires). Then, because it was raining, I charged it up and took it down to our underground parking garage. I was looking forward to bombing around on something slower than the RC8... with a bit more clearance to get over curbs, and something I could wheelie without regret! πŸ™‚ Well... I was partially right: it wheelies on demand... had more clearance... and it's fun to drive with all the handling quirks that come along with a 2wd monster truck with a high center-of gravity. But it's not slower. In fact... I think it's faster. As in drive-on-the-highway-keeping-up-with-traffic fast! I'd need a second driver to know for sure (race it against the RC8) but for now I'm going to drive the Stampede in "training mode"... meaning it limits itself electronically to 50% power. It's still plenty fast, and handles more like I was expecting. And I definitely have to put the wheelie bar back on... in sport mode you can be rocketing along at 80% power... and if you floor it it will still power the front off the ground and flip itself on it's back. Crazy! (but fun! πŸ™‚

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